Fox in a box !!! - This is what people yell when i ride my bike with my dog Frankie JoJo (he rides in a milk crate on the back). He is very handsome fella and pretty much every day is causing a riot on the streets of Venice CA. This is why I figured I might as well share some photos if there is a demand - I am not a crazy dog lady, I promise. And then the idea popped in my head that maybe I should share more photos and experiences from our home and travel. There are many things that can fit in the box and it will be the one filled with great vegetarian food, comfortable places to stay all over the world and filmmaking.
I am a cinematographer and I am constantly on the road, living like a Nomad. When you are traveling so much, it is important that you find the hotel that feels like home. I want to share my discovered gems with other people who are in the same boat.
When I am not working - I am cooking! Entertaining the hell out of it and constantly coming up with new vegetarian recipes. Food and eating is my great passion.
Ah, the last thing I have to mention is that English is my 3rd language so there might be a lot of funny mistakes as I write. My thoughts are often faster than the grammar, so don't judge me. I am a European living in America and on my marriage license for place of birth there was a field for "City and State". If you weren't born in America they would automatically put "The Rest Of The World". So I am from the Rest Of The World - and this is how I see it. 


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