Last year we went to Turkey to shoot a Hyundai commercial with very professional production company Spark Film Collective run by Melike Nisel and Tamer Uner - ultimate power couple. The crew was top notch and I finally had an opportunity to use vintage refurbished Zeiss MKIII lenses as they were right for the look we were going for. All that because of suggestion of my AC Gökhan Balseven who said that Roman Vasyanov used them on Heineken commercial he just shoot there. As a huge fan of his work I was immediately sold on it. You can watch the result here; Go All The Way
We had an amazing experience despite many warnings of how dangerous it might be. What we weren't told is that Turkish people are the nicest, kindest people in this part of the world and they enjoy life, good food and are very proud of what their country has to offer.  Istanbul exceeded our expectation. The city has the most amazing light I ever seen. This is all real without any photoshop, if you take a picture in the right time of the day - it looks exactly like that. We stayed in adorable boutique hotel right on Bosphorous - The House Hotel. It's close to everything with great service and bouncing cafe downstairs that seem to be IT place for hipster crowd. 
If you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods you have to try turkish delight, drink chai, buy some real Turkish towels and go see Hagia Sophia - it is jaw dropping experience. You might want to swing by SSM with it's beautiful gardens and chic restaurant and do one touristy thing of visiting Dolmabahce Palace to understand how Sultan with his harem was rolling back in a day.



We were waiting for hours for the plane back to Istanbul at an outdoor restaurant. Bored, I walked to the 'abandoned' carnival next door... which wasn't quite abandoned.